Frequently Asked Questions

About Stem Cells

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are "undifferentiated" cells, meaning they can become any type of cell. A stem cell can become a blood cell, a neuron, or a skin cell. The human body starts as a single cell, and every cell has the same genetic blueprint. That means every cell in your body has the instructions or code for all the other cells in your body. Stem cells have the power to regenerate damaged or diseased tissuesl, to heal and rejuvinate.

Where are your stem cells sourced?

All our stem cells are "autologous," meaning they come from your own blood. With a simple blood draw, we're able to harvest and reintroduce your stem cells via AutoBiologic serum. Autologous stem cells are the most ethical and have zero chance of rejection by your immune system.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

As we age, the ends of our DNA (telomeres) unwravel and become shorter. This deterioration is directly related to the aging process. Stem cell therapy prevents the shortening of your telomeres and contributes to overall cellular health.

What are Telomeres

Telomeres are the protective caps on the end of each DNA strand. Much like the plastic tips on shoelaces. At age 30, telomeres begin to show wear & tear, shortening in length and leaving our DNA vulnerable--which Stanford university first proved in 2017. If cells are not regenerated in a healthy, natural manner, this deterioration of the DNA will invariably lead to rapid aging and/or disease.

The Process

How often should I receive therapy?

That's a great question! Daily therapy is ideal, and your results will be proportionate to the frequency of your therapy. That said, even weekly appointments have yeilded positive results. Contact us for more informaiton.

How are stem cells reintroduced? And is one method of reintroduction more effective than others?

Stem cells are reintroduced through AutoBiologic Serum, which can be injected, applied topically or inhaled. Our inhalation method is both patented and proprietary. It's the we consistently recommend to patients who are looking for anti-aging benefits and lasting results.

Has Stem Cell Therapy been proven effective?

In scenarios where patients consistently utilized ReLogics’ therapies, indications of age reversal were visually apparent, while patients also anecdotally reported renewed vitality. ReLogics is testing this hypothesis currently conducting a US-based clinical study to determine whether our therapy slows down the deterioration of telomeres.


I'm in! How can I book an apointment?

Right now, our services are available through the Hippocrates Health Institue. Visit for more information. Or, contact us.


Is stem cell therapy through ReLogics safe?

Yes. We've conducted over 70 clinical trials on over 1000 patients. Our AutoBiologic serum is entirely comprised of your own tissue, so there's zero risk of rejection. Check out our "About" page for more information.

Are there side effects to Stem Cell Therapy?

Yes. Age defiance :) Seriously though. During the fifteen years of clinical studies conducted in conjunction with the Mexican equivalent of the FDA, negligible negative side effects were reported.\ That's because AutoBiologic Serum is simply a concentrated version of the stem cells in your blood.