The Proof is in the Numbers

Our techniques have been thoroughly researched for efficacy and refined according to consistently positive results. We're challenging conventional medicine with results that speak for themselves. It's a paradigm shift that will change the way we think about health and healing. 


72 Clinical Trials

Data drives every decision we make. Our Stem Cell Research Director, Dr. Jim Taylor, has conducted over 70 clinical trials at his clinic on Isla Mujares, Mexico. Using the results from these studies, we've been able to pioneer an unprecedented delivery method, one that's more effective than anything else in the field of stem cell therapy. 

2 Million Treatments

Our methods have been tested over two million times. Your health and longevity are  our top priority. We can confidently say that our methods are safe and effective. 

1000+ Patients

1000+ Patients

In the past decade, we've treated over 1000 patients, with conditions of all kinds. Because our anti-aging stem cell therapy addresses the root cause of aging, we've been able to treat patients with conditions ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis. Autologous stem cell therapy allows your body to heal itself from the inside out. It's drug-free, time-tested alternative medicine that works. 


Your Stem Cells. Our Proprietary Technique.

The human body is designed for self-healing and regeneration. We use only autologous stem cells, those that come from your own blood.  Unlock your body's regenerative potential.